December 23, 2008

Free Crocheted Pineapple Doily Patterns

Hi Everyone!

Looking for some great projects to start off the New Year? Check out these beautiful Free Crocheted Pineapple Doily Patterns! They're so pretty, I want to make them all myself (but then where would all the time go for making my resolutions come to pass?)

Crown of Pineapples Doily
Wow, a real stunner. Definitely not for the faint of heart!

Easy Pineapple Doily
Like the name states, much easier than the last!

Glorious Gray Pineapple Doily

Granny's Antique Pineapple Doily

Free Crocheted Pineapple Doily Pattern
This one is very unique looking, and it's an oval shape.

Pineapple A L'Orange Doily

Have fun with your free crocheted pineapple doily patterns!

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I love crocheted doilies. I was thinking of making a set for my mom next year for Christmas.

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