October 31, 2008

I interupt our un-regularly scheduled brodcast to present...

Hey everyone! I've been really bad about trying to keep up with my blog. I've been studying for college CLEP tests lately, but have been very successful with them. I've earned 12 college credits in the past 1-1/2 months! I've got 12 more slated for before Christmas, but before that, I've got my 16th birthday to celebrate! Hurray!

Now, I'm interupting our normal crochet with a bit of something for the historical fashion lover. Sense and Sensibility patterns is now selling ePatterns! They have all of their Regency era patterns for sale in this online printable format, and also the Edwardian Apron. If you'd like to look (and please do, their patterns are SO incredibly beautiful!), you can follow this link: Sense and Sensibility ePatterns

Until Next time!

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Haha… et celibrate que vous devez redresser ? Bonbon 16. Faites une pause disent I.lol Les félicitations dans l'ensemble bouclent vers le bas la chose dure d'étude. Mais soyez sûr de rechercher et sentir les roses (bien que là aren' ; t un trop grand nombre dans le moyen de novembre. .duh-I, apprécient ce temps impressionnant !).

A little something for ye eh! :D

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