September 23, 2008

Interweave Journey - Part 2-1/2

Well, I don't have time tonight to do a whole long blog post, since I have to go to bed early, but I wanted to share another picture from the Party!! And lots of people are getting IC now, and I'm getting great feedback from my article!! HURRAY!!!!

Happy Interweave Crocheting - and go check out a copy of IC for yourself!

This is Doris Chan's beautiful Godet-ed Skirt (I'm too lazy at the moment to go and see the name of it again!). I'm definitely making this!! As you'll see below, it has a GREAT twirly bottom!!

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I'm so proud of you Chels! Its so great how you are totally sticking it out there to pursue your dream-and making it! Congrats. and all that :D
We'll talk soon and then you can tell me all the details!

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