September 16, 2008

Beautiful Crocheted Sweater Coat!

It has been quite a while since I have posted anything on this blog (as a guest of Chelsea's), but I had to take a moment to brag. Today I received Chelsea's official picture from the Wisconsin Make It With Wool Competition and boy is it nice. Chelsea didn't win this year, but she sure did learn a lot in the process and is already inspired for next year's entry. Chelsea took a raw wool fleece (given to us by a friend), wash it, dyed it, had it carded in to roving, spun the roving into yarn, then crocheted this beautiful sweater coat! She also sewed the slacks from 100% wool fabric and even dry felted her earrings with fresh water pearls. This is one beautifully crafted outfit! (I want one!)
So......what is Chelsea up to now that this immense project is over?........well........we are washing raw sheep's wool (this time from our own sheep) at the very minute! More is sure to come.........
Chelsea's mom
a.k.a. partner in wool

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Oh my gosh! Chelsea is such the doll! That coat is beautiful and with Chels wearing it! Its a perfect match! Beautiful!!!!

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