July 07, 2008

An Amazing Piece of News!

Get this-

Crochet, according to ABC News, is now "in!"

They even interviewed Crochet Today! Editor Brett Bara!

Just kinda exciting, maybe that will make a few more people interested in crocheting!

Happy Crocheting-


p.s. You may be excited to hear that I'm about 1/2 way through my sweater coat...pictures are to come!!

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Crocheting has always been IN for me. I love to crochet.

Hey Girl! (I don't know if you use your real name or not)I am so glad to see that you still have your blog -- I was just cleaning out my "favorites" tab and found you. Great photos!

Would you consider (please?), just consider... being in the FISH Achievers? I am trying to focus on awesome teens, just like you!

Great blog - great work and best wishes too.

~Vicki S.

Nice site! I'm going to have to turn my girlfriend on to you. She crotchets also.

Nice wings! Love the design!

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