May 20, 2008

A new podcast!!

Hi Everyone!

I'm happy to announce that I am starting a podcast directed toward teen crocheters and knitters. I'm currently still in the beginning stepping stones, as I'm having troubles figuring out a name that is very catchy, yet perfect for teens. So, I'm having a contest! Leave a comment on this post with your name for the podcast, along with your blog address or email, and if I choose yours, I'll send you 150 yards of beautiful Pinkish Purple-y sparkly 100% hand spun (yes, by me!) and hand dyed (by mom!) wool yarn! Now who wouldn't want to try for some of that? I'm including a picture of the pre-spun roving. The pictures do not(!!) give justice to the beauty of this wool!

The Contest will end May 30th!!
Be sure to tell your friends about it!

Now, to help you on with another clue from my last post! I had a giggly fun time on an interview for this podcast. You're still going to have to wait for more info, but you're more than welcome to guess!

Happy Name-Thinking and Podcast-Guessing! And don't forget to take the time to crochet, in the meanwhile!


13 Comments, Leave a Comment:

Simplicity is always best, I think. I suggest Teen Knits.

Teen Fiber Freaks!

Teens like to sound edgy!

JackieCastsOn Ravelry

This Aint your Granny's Square.

How about

Teeknit (pronounced Teen knit)
(this was suggested by my teen-aged daughter)

I say(Bring it on)
knottyknitter40 on ravelry and mother of a 17yr old Daughter who thinks she knows everything and you dont;)


I like fiber freaks

Yarn Junkies
Yarny Nuts
Fiber Nutz
Yarn Snags

Been a while since I was a teen, may be out of touch. How about:

Cool Tricks With Hooks and Sticks

Wow - the fiber is beautiful - my favorite color combo.

How about:

Cool crochet and awesome knitting.

(cool and awesome are 2 of my daughter's favorite words - guaranteed to show up in just about any sentence)

I'm 20 so I don't exactly qualify as an expert any more but .. here are some suggestions.

Crafty as a teen - teens knit and crochet

Crafty in a good sense - teems knit and crochet

or you could use either of them without the "teens knit and crochet"

purple-power is right, by the way,
cool and awesome ARE important words in the teen lexicon (I'm majoring in linguistics :-) )

I'll keep thinking of ideas and add more if I think of something.

My e-mail is dadofra at hotmail dot com

How about:

"Our Generation - The knitting and crocheting Podcast"

(You already know my email add. :) I'm Kaya.)


Teen Stix-n-Hookz

Teen Yarnies! (Knit & Crochet)

Get Ur Knit On!

Wishing you the best in your exciting yarn endeavors!

al_a_r at hotmail dot com


Me again. Maybe something like

Rockin' Teens Knit and Crochet

Well I have been thinking for days

Finally this is all I could muster I may have more later


or any variation



I also thought about this

KNOT your average TEEN PODCAST

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