May 11, 2008

Crochet Pattern Teapot Cozy

Yum...Nothing like sitting on a lazy, chilly spring day, sipping a delicious cup of tea. If you love having elegant tea parties, I'm sure you'll love an elegant free crochet pattern for teapot cozy! I've done a bit of hunting to bring you these great patterns!!

Simple (very elegant) Teapot Cozy

Rosy Cozy

I'm going to keeping my eye out for more crochet pattern teapot cozies!! I hope you enjoy the few that I've given for now =)

Have a happy Mothers Day, and a great week!! Wednesday I'll be announcing something very, very neat. Be sure to stay tuned!!

Happy Crocheting!

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Thanks for sharing this.

Of all of the tea cozies I've seen I think this is my favorite one. Love the colors.


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