May 31, 2008

Announcing...Teens Unraveled!

Today I'm announcing the name of the brand new teen knitting and crochet podcast...Teens Unraveled!

Congratulations to Aunt Kathy, who suggested the name!

A HUGE thanks to everyone that submitted a name, I really loved them all, and it was SO hard to choose only one!

Enjoy the new podcast, I'll spend some time learning how to work it and actually get an episode up! In the meanwhile, you can check out the site for the podcast at:

One last note: I got my driver permit this week! I'm really enjoying getting to drive. It's very exciting, but it's a big responsibility at the same time!

Happy Crocheting!

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Absolutely brilliant name, I think. I can't WAIT to hear the first episode!

That's a great name! I can't wait for the first episode! I'm going to get my permit next winter (but I think go to driver's school next summer). I'm scared! Is it hard to learn?

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