April 14, 2008

Still in Progress: Cardi-Wrap

Hey Everyone,

You may have wondered what ever became of that wonderful Cardi-Wrap that was supposed to be done by Feb 24th. Well, Today's the day I've come to you with an answer! I am about 85% done with it now. It has been much more labor intensive than I ever thought it would be, and I am itching for it to be done! I have finished the back, 1 front panel and 2 sleeves. I am currently about 1/5th of the way done with the 2nd front panel. After that is finished, all I have left is to sew in my loose ends, stitch it up and add the sleeve ruffles. Here are pictures of what I have completed at this point:

Front Panel
Sleeves (what?! You say they look short?! No, they're supposed to be that way)

Back Panel

2nd front panel - Still a WIP

In the past week I also tore out all progress that I had made in my Crochet Today Sweater Coat. I was very unhappy about it, as the pattern wasn't as clarified as I would have liked it to be, which made my row ends uneven. I knew if I didn't tear it out and fix it, I'd never wear it, be proud of it, or win a blue ribbon at the fair! So now as soon as my darling wrap is finished, I'll be plugging away with it!

I've been underway with planning for my Make it With Wool entry! I'm still staying on the plan of my last MIWW post, but I'm finding many more patterns to my suiting now! I've been looking for the "perfect" fabric for my sewing parts (boy, do you know how hard it is to find really pretty wool fabric? It's nearly impossible!), and thinking about the top that I can't decide on for my Sweater Coat Ensemble. I've had much fun and frustration in this process!

I also have more exciting news! Today while I was on Ravelry, I stumbled across a post in the Teen Knit and Crocheters group. The young lady who posted it was looking to expand the knitting magazine that she had created in the past. She was looking for other teens to submit patterns, be editors, and be column writers. I volunteered to be the crochet column writer, and crochet pattern editor. Who knows, this could be my crochet magazine career launcher =)

So things have been very busy in my part of the world! And we finally have beautiful spring weather here, we're supposed to be in the mid 60's tomorrow!! Hurray!

Happy Crocheting!

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I know exactly what you mean about ripping out something because you just aren't happy with it. My first pair of socks got ripped so many darn times..

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