April 04, 2008

Grocery Mesh Bag

I spent the day crocheting yesterday. My mother-in-law and I were talking about what the "new" item for craft show sales should be for this year. We determined that a crocheted grocery mesh bag would be perfect as people go from using the disposable plastic bags to a more eco-friendly option. Currently, grocery stores are beginning to offer sterile, boring canvas bags for sale. But a handmade crocheted grocery mesh bag has "purse"onality. I think the grocery mesh bag will reflect the taste and style of the individual.

We looked on-line for a pattern that would be fast and easy to make, but determined we would design our own. Wow, did we learn a lot about working with mesh. This is my first bag (at left) and I had it finished two times only to tear more rows out each time. Did that bag STRETCH!
We used old cotton-blend yarn that had been given to her and she had stored for a "someday" project. We ordered several grab bags from Peaches and Creme to use for making these bags.
My first bag, once loaded with what I thought would be a normal bag load from the grocery store, stretched to the ground. My husband said it would work for someone who was 6'6" tall. I tore out about 4 rows and it still hit the ground when I picked it up. So what we have now, is a perfect size. Although the bag looks smallish when unloaded, it expands and stretches perfectly for a load of groceries.

The handles I didn't want too long, because I didn't want that to contribute to the stretch of the bag. I like these handles because a heavy load of groceries in a plastic bag, cuts into your hand and hurts. These handles are wide enough to help distribute the weight of groceries.

Really, designing your own grocery mesh bag is easy. Make a circle for your bottom, and then chain mesh sides, and bring it back together at the top.

How unique will your next shopping experience be?

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That's a great bag. I have also been tinkering around trying to make one, I really like how your turned out though.

How wonderful! I was planning to make a market bag this month too! As for your next hat... how about something silly with a pointy top... or tops? :)
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