April 09, 2008

Crochet Market Bag Pattern Coming Soon!

Yes, you can crochet your own market bag!

This crochet market bag pattern will give you ideas for variations in your bag which will inspire you to create one-of-a-kind bags for yourself. The basic premise: to create a flat circle for the base, then extend your base upward an inch or so, and fill the rest of your bag with a mesh that will stretch with your bag's contents. It will be pulled back together at the top with handles added. There are several techniques to do this. I have experimented with many different techniques and will give you what I think works the best for me. (I'm in the process of getting this written out.)

First though, the benefits of using a crochet market bag.

  • You are saving natural resources by going "green" and not adding more plastic bags to our country's landfills.
  • Wide handles distribute the weight of your bag and do not cut into you hands like plastic does.
  • The mesh bag sides expand with your contents.....perfect for adding a couple more items to your bag!
  • Weave in the bag is small and most grocery store items will fit in this bag without falling out of the holes
  • Weave in the bag allows you to fold these bags up tight and carry many along with you to the store
  • Flat base allows for easier bag filling
  • Flexibility.....can be used for the market, the pool or beach, your carry along crochet project, and so much more!
  • Washable bags
  • Unique! People will definitely notice your bags!

We will post the pattern as soon as it is finished!

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Ooh, I'd love that pattern! I don't actually crochet yet, but I'm teaching myself :p

Did you ever post the pattern for this bag? Really looking forward to it.

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