April 08, 2008

Cotton Yarns for Knitting and Crochet

Our order for 20 grab bag cotton yarns for knitting and crochet from Peaches and Creme

came yesterday. It was like Christmas in April!

Below is pictured just one of the grab bags. The cost for each grab bag was only $2.19 and with postage was approximately $3.00. We figured each item (including postage) cost about 50 cents. Everything looks very nice to work with.

We are planning to use this yarn for making eco-friendly market bags to sell at craft shows. We are also planning to use these yarns, along with Lily Elite Cotton yarn, pattern, and crochet hook to make up "Make your own Market Bag Kits." We plan to sell them on our website, Crochet Collection, and at craft shows. I did a little research earlier on themed gift baskets (which are very popular) and plan to put several of those together this year!

This is our first big effort using cotton yarn for knitting and crochet. Usually we use acrylic yarn, or 100% wool yarn, so it is a nice change.

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So much cotton! What are you going to do with it all? I hope it's not all dishcloths...

A friend introduced me to Peaches & Cream grab bags last summer.

My crocheted potholder mania kicked into high gear for several charity donations!

I'll be back to browse later.....


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