March 08, 2008

Unfinished Crochet Projects!

How many unfinished projects do you have laying around? I tend to put ours out of sight, so they are not laying around everywhere. But then what happens.............we forget about them. We were doing a little house cleaning today and stumbled upon an afghan that was lovingly started several years ago. It is crocheted with a Q hook and uses a lofty yarn that crochets up quickly. Perhaps today is the day to get that project going again. It will most likely be a gift for someone, so what a great way to start finishing up this next year's Christmas presents.

I get a little overwhelmed when I think about how many unfinished projects there really are around here. I think the enthusiasm fades when we wee how the yarn will crochet up--that is unless there is a significant deadline (and even then we sometimes don't get them finished).

I have to admit that as a young crocheter I made two special Christmas pillows one for each of two sisters. They were made with the afghan stitch and then cross stitched onto. One of my sisters received her finished pillow and had it adorning her bed for many years. My other sister wasn't so lucky. She received her partially finished pillow with a promise -- a promise to have a finished product. I did finish it.........only 10 years later. It became a standing joke every Christmas. That little pillow travelled all over with me as I moved from one apartment to another, from one house to another. Oh well.........

Perhaps it is time to revive one of your unfinished projects. How many unifished projects do you have? I have too many than I care to admit (I'm sure there are more than a baker's dozen!) Perhaps if I start documenting all these unfinished projects, I'll motivate myself!

Check out our webiste at Knit and Crochet Hat Patterns where we will be proudly launching our first hat pattern soon. Please suggest a good name for this pattern. We will give a FREE copy of this pattern to the person whose name we select!

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I like how the different variants on the hat are all so fun! How about calling the pattern "Glad Hatter"? :)

Focusing on the mix & match variations, I'd call it Modular or LegoHat. I'm Needlegrrl on Ravelry and Blogspot. :)

I suggest the Spice of Life (as in variety is the spice of life).

Yarnmaniac on Ravelry.

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