March 25, 2008

Magic Square Crochet

I have a magic square crochet potholder that my mother-in-law made for me several years ago. I absolutely LOVE IT! and still use it because it is very thick and durable. Some cheap store bought potholders have burned my fingers and I have dropped entire hot casseroles from burns through a cheap potholder. But the magic square crochet has always held up and washed like a charm. I have a link to a magic square crochet pattern. It is a very nice descriptive pattern with a lot of pictures so I know making one will be easy!

This pattern calls for cotton yarn, but my mother-in-law made hers with acrylic. The one draw back with acrylic is that it can melt, but I have never had that problem with my potholder. Still, there are a lot of nice cotton yarns on the market now (many more than there used to be), so I would probably stick to cotton.


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I LOVE this pattern. I learned how to do it a couple of years ago after searching for ages for the pattern. I taught a friend how to do it. It is so simple and fast. I like the fact that it is easy to take with you.

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