March 27, 2008

FREE Easy Crochet Patterns

I am listing some FREE Easy Crochet Patterns. I don't know what you think, but doesn't it seem like our country is in a recession -- even though nobody will acknowledge that we are? Do you agree? The price of a grocery trip is going up, the price of gas is going up, taxes are going up, everything seems to cost more. So finding ways to trim the budget are good. Gift giving is one area where you can trim you budget by significant amounts! Using free easy crochet patterns and economy yarn (see my economy crochet yarns post), you can create most of your gifts this year for virtually nothing (but your time of course -- and most of us have more of this than money!)

The kind of patterns you will find here are quick and easy and make thoughtful gifts. They are focused on simplicity, so if you are looking for a pattern that is more advanced, you won't find it here. These patterns are EEEzzzz!

Four Hour Scarf

Circle Pendant Necklace *I love this one!

Seed Bead Necklace

Simply Hoops Earrings

Beaded Shells Choker

Summer Beaded Choker

Heart Photo Fridgie

Pot Holder

Kitchen Towel

Flower Petal Napkin Ring

Pan Scrubbie

Easy Crochet Afghan

Baby Booties


Scrunchie 1

Scrunchie 2

Scrunchie 3

Flip Flops

Back Scrubber

Loaf Pan Tote

Plastic Bag Keeper

Can Cozy

Dog/Cat Sweater

Cross Bookmark

If you know of another free easy crochet pattern that you think I should list here, please let me know. I am always searching and will be adding more!

I tried to list a wide variety of free easy crochet patterns so that you can find something you would enjoy making for yourself or someone else. Most people are delighted with small homemade gifts and many of these patterns fit that description.

Please visit my website at Knit and Crochet Hat Patterns.

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Cross Bookmark


Thank you, Cherie, for posting my bookmark pattern, and for your kind email! It's always a blessing to hear from a fellow believer.

And if you ever want to use my other two free patterns, they are here:

Reversable afghan:


Have a blessed day!

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