March 05, 2008

Free Crochet Hanger Patterns

Today I am bringing you FREE Crochet Hanger Patterns that I have found. There are many nice ones and these make lovely inexpensive gifts for family members, friends, teachers, etc. There is always something special about a small handmade gift versus something you just pick up at the store. I hope you enjoy these. Also, please check out my website at easy crocheted hat patterns where we are busy adding our own original crochet patterns.

Kitten Coat Hanger

Lace Coat Hanger Cover

Crochet Covered Coat Hangers * This is the one I have made!!

Plush Hanger Cover * This is the one I want to try to make next!!

Hope you can find one you like!

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Thank you for posting the patterns for hanger covers. My grandmother used to make these, and now I want to add to my stock. One problem I'm having is finding the straight wooden hangers (without contour). I have looked at thrift shops and some other discount stores to no avail. Any suggestions? Thank you!

Try checking ebay. I did a quick search and found a few. The offerings change weekly, so check back often. Also, when you find some hangers there, do a google search on the brands they have listed and you may find more sources. Good luck! I'm sure your hangers will be beautiful!

Thank you so much for sharing your patterns. I have been looking for some for a long time. My grandmother used to make them and I love them. I look forward to making some for this years christmas gifts.

On ebay use keywords "arched wooden hanger"

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This is the correct link for the crochet covered coat hangers.

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