March 31, 2008

Free Crochet Bead Necklace Patterns

Three Strand Necklace

28 Gauge Wire
G hook (we experimented with a variety of hooks and we liked how the G hook loops looked the best)
assortment of beads (I prefer the beads to be the same size or have slightly larger beads toward the front)

string your bead onto the wire before you crochet (amount of beads will vary with the length you want your necklace to be)

leave about 5 inches of wire to work with for your closure on your necklace

Ch 3, move bead up to where you are working and chain that bead in, ch 3, move bead up to where you are working and chain it in.....continue until you have the desired length. Leave 5 inches wire to work with for the closure.

Make at least three of these chain lengths. You can make more or less. You can also space beads closer together or further apart if you prefer. I have made this pattern by varying the lengths of the wire -- by making each length slightly longer, the necklace will lay more flat, but may not look as full.

Length will vary depending upon the size of the neck, but you have the jist of how to make the necklace.

The 5 inch lengths at the back of the necklace get twisted together and are fastened to a toggle closure. Carefully trim the wire. You do not want any sharp, poky ends scratching the back of your neck. (It may seem a little wasteful having 5 inches on the ends, but it is much easier to work with longer ends than short ends and you can get a nice clean cut with a good jewelry wire cutter.)

Single Strand Choker and Bracelet

28 Gauge Wire

G hook
small beads of your choice

Load your beads onto your wire.
Leave a five inch tail and then chain how many stitches you need to get to the length you want your choker to be. You will sc into about 5 to 7 stitches without using beads (you will do this on the other end of the necklace as well -- or you can use beads all the way around if you prefer). Then sc using one bead for every other sc stitch. If you want the choker to look more like the bracelet and not show as much wire you can put a bead into every sc stitch, but we like it with every other. Push the bead up to your work and sc it directly to your chain. When you finish your last stitch leave about 5 inches of wire so you have plenty to work with to attach to your closure.

We use toggle closures for our jewelry. Make sure you use a good jewelry cutter to cut your wire so you don't have a sharp end poking out and scratching your neck.

I prefer to leave an inch or two on both sides by the closure without beads just to economize on the cost of the necklace.

Work the bracelet the same way as the necklace (of course this will be smaller), but use beads all the way around, from closure to closure, and put a bead into every stitch.


Please visit our new website at Free Easy Crochet Patterns.

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So cute! I'm inspired to learn to crochet!

Ooh! I just decided to learn wire crochet! Yay!

It is simple and elegant. Great piece of art work. Its looks pretty.

Your tutorial is an awesome inspiration! Many thanks for sharing. I would like to feature your designs at

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