March 19, 2008

Economy Crochet Yarns

There are many ways to find economy crochet yarns. I will list a few places:

  • Free!! - This is the best. Does everyone know that you crochet? Put out the word. Many times people have yarn that they intended to use, but never did (or started a project and didn't finish it -- YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN!). Rather than throw it out, or donate it, they may give it to you if they know you are always in the market for yarn.
  • Garage sales - This is the best place to find economy crochet yarns. Many times you can get a box or bag full of yarn for one dollar (or two). Buy this yarn! Remember, yarn can be washed, so even if it looks a bit dusty or dingy, most times it can be hand washed and will look good as new.
  • Thrift Stores - This is generally the second best place to find economy crochet yarn. It usually costs more than garage sales, but is usually less than half the price of new yarn.
  • Clearance Shopping - This is hit or miss. Always check out the clearance areas of every craft store you visit. Sometimes they sell close out yarns for under one dollar a skein. Buy everything they have!!!

The main economy crochet yarn that I purchase new is RedHeart Yarn. It is acrylic and very versatile. It machine washes and wears well making it suitable for a variety of projects (esp. for babies and children -- which usually need to be washed frequently).

I hope this gives you a few ideas for economy crochet yarn. The bottom line is.......never pass up a deal! You never know what you next project will need!

Please check out our website at Knit and Crochet Hat Patterns. You can use a variety of economy crochet yarn to crochet up our first original hat pattern we are listing!


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