March 23, 2008

Easy Afghan Crochet Instructions

A dear friend of mine made this lovely afghan for my third daughter when she was born.

It is a great example that you can use for easy afghan crochet instructions.

This afghan uses a very heavy weight yarn and a large hook. Checking a yarn weight scale, this yarn is a 6 on a scale of 6 which classifies it as "super bulky". I would use an N size hook to reproduce this blanket. There is only one stitch, single crochet, so if you can chain stitch and single crochet, you can make this lovely blanket.

Easy Afghan Crochet Instructions:

Use super bulky weight yarn and N hook.

Entire afghan is made by working in the back loops only.
Note: If you have never worked in back loops only check out the picture at the bottom.


Row 1: Single crochet in second stitch from hook and in every stitch across, chain 1 and turn (there are 75 stitches total)

Row 2: Single crochet in every stitch, chain 1 and turn
(there are 75 stitches total)

Note: I had crocheted for over thirty years before I discovered that when you single crochet and turn, you chain one, but it does NOT count as your first stitch. You should single crochet directly into the very first stitch on every turn. Count your stitches to make sure you keep 75 stitches.

Rows 3 - 50: Repeat row 2

Finish off and work loose end into your afghan to hide.


Below is an example of working through the back loop only, rather than going through both yarns for your stitch like you normally do.

Working through the back loop only through out the afghan creates the nice ribbing effect that you will see on both sides of the afghan. It makes the afghan more visually interesting even though you are only using one basic stitch.

If you choose a yarn that is variegated, you will get a different look that has lots of visual appeal, however the texture of the blanket will be lost in the color. This is fine as long as you realize this ahead of time and are not disappointed when your back loops do not pop out like they do in the solid color.

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4 Comments, Leave a Comment:

This is a great afghan. What size does this work up to be and how much yarn do you need? I'm quite new and don't know how to figure that part out.

Rhonda asked,

Did you ever get a answer to this question? I need to kow the same thing

The afghan works up to about 36 inches by 48 inches. My friend made this afghan, so I am not sure exactly what yarn she used. If you use a worsted weight yarn (like Red Heart Yarn) you could hold three strands together to get a bulky weight yarn and I would purchase 3 skeins. Other bulky yarns.....It really depends how much is in a skein. I would maybe get three or four skeins. Maybe an extra one just in case and you could either return the unused skeins or use them in another project.

Hope this helps!

Rhonda says,

Thanks a bunch. Helps alot!!

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