March 19, 2008

Crocheting with TLC Wiggles Yarn

Today I started crocheting with TLC Wiggles Yarn. It is a very interesting yarn to work with.

I LOVE all the flecks of color you get within the sea of green yarn. However, if you are a beginning crocheter I would recommend that you first crochet with a more basic yarn or else you will end up being frustrated. Here is why....

When you first look at the yarn you will notice the little wiggles in the yarn. This is what makes the yarn so interesting.

However upon closer inspection you will see the tiny little thread that is wound around the main acrylic thread. This tiny little thread can easily get caught on your hook when you are pulling your yarn through your loops.

In addition, it is sometimes tricky to pull the wiggle through your loops (depending upon how tight you crochet).

I like how this yarn looks in my project and am really looking forward to accenting the hat with several of the wiggle colors. I'll post a picture when I finish the hat. I am crocheting it to fit a small child.

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