March 12, 2008

Crochet Hook with LCD Light

Guess What??

I got the present of my dreams this Christmas!

Can you possibly guess what it could be?

I got a Crochet Hook with a LCD Light!!!

My amazing aunt, who unfortunately -well not quite unfortunately- got the opportunity to go to Belize on a adventure trip with her friend, and was unable to see the most joyous yelps and expressions that were uttered from my lips at that exact moment in time.

Boy, I tell you, if there was anything I wanted that I was without before then, it was most definately a crochet hook with a lcd light. It's so versatile, I can crochet almost as efficiently in the dark as in the light! It is also a great help when I'm using a dark yarn, because I am able to see my stitches better than in the plain light.

I highly recommend you get yourself a crochet hook with a lcd light if you don't have one, you definately won't regret it!

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Happy Crocheting!


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