March 21, 2008

Crochet Beginner Hat

A hat is a perfect beginner project for someone learning how to crochet. I will share a few free crochet beginner hat patterns with you. Several of these patterns can be made in a few hours (or less), so a beginner will feel successful from the very beginning. You can find the hats at

All of these patterns are very easy and fast to make up. They are all different so you should be able to find one that suits your needs. This past year we made hats for Christmas gifts -- everyone loved them. Would a crochet beginner hat would make a very nice gift for someone on your gift list this year? You may be able to make a couple in an evening! Wouldn't that be great!
Please check out our website at Knit and Crochet Hat Patterns where we are adding our own original hat designs! You can never have enough hats (kind of like shoes!) And for a limited time, sign up for my email newsletter and you can get a FREE Crochet Beginner Hat Pattern! Sign up with your facebook profile here

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Would it be possible for you to list the instructions for the Easy Single Crochet Hat and the Thick Double Crochet Hat? The link was closed by AOL. Thanks!

Same comment as above! these look interesting And pretty! Thanks

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