March 23, 2008

Cotton Yarns for Knitting and Crochet

Spring is just around the corner, and it's time to start putting your wool sweaters and yarn back in the closet and switching to great cotton yarns for knitting and crochet projects! Cotton is also a great choice for those who are allergic to woolens. I know I love to use cotton yarns for knitting and crochet, the feel of the yarn is nice and crisp, smooth, and cool. Cotton yarns are also a good choice when you're looking for things you're going to use in the kitchen. Dish towels always seem to last longer when you are using cotton yarn! Acrylic yarn always starts to pill up after you've washed it several times. And any lint, especially if you're washing new towels, starts sticking to your yarn, making extra work for you to pick it off.
Overall, I think using cotton yarns for knitting and crochet projects is a great choice! You can add some yarn to your stash by looking through my
I've got many great cotton yarns for all of your upcoming knitting and crochet projects!

Have you seen my new website yet?? You can check it out at Knit and Crochet Hat Patterns! We're launching our very first pattern at the end of the month! There's still time to participate in our Hat Naming Contest! Leave a comment with your suggestion, and if we pick yours, you'll win a FREE copy of the pattern!!

Happy Crocheting!

Cotton Yarn Store

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I absolutely love cotton yarn. I use it for almost everything in the summer. In fact there is this sweater in the new Interweave knits that I am planning on knitting in a blend of cotton. I also love using cotton for summer hats, and when I have to make baby gifts because you can be almost positive that the baby won't be sensitive to it.

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