February 21, 2008

Stylish Sweater Coat Crochet

Hi Folks,

Because Chelsea isn't the type to go around tooting her own horn, her mother thought she should post this article so all you fellow crochet enthusiasts could see a bit of Chelsea's excitement a few weeks ago. Some of you may know that she won the Wisconsin Make It With Wool Competition and competed at the National level in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. It was very exciting for her and it has stretched her vision with what she can accomplish in her passion for crocheting. You can see the excitment in her face as we arrive at the air port to leave for Las Vegas.

While Chelsea was busy competing the first morning, her mom and dad went sight seeing and managed to be right in the area where the Monte Carlo was on fire. They were fortunate to take a cab back to the hotel before everything was road blocked!

That afternoon we all ate lunch in Paris, went to the top of the Eiffel Tower, then made our way to NY, NY to ride the roller coaster. We ended the sight seeing adventure with Chelsea making it to the highest point west of the Mississippi. This was in addition to her full day of competing and style show practice. I think Chelsea was pretty exhausted. We logged a lot of miles sight seeing!

Here is Chelsea before the style show with her state director, Carol Battenburg.

You can see what a stylish sweater coat she crocheted. I know that she is happy she can actually wear the coat now that the competition is finished. Chelsea found this stylish sweater coat crochet pattern in a back issue of "Crochet Today" which is a great magazine for beginning crocheters.

Chelsea didn't win the national competition, but had an enriching and fulfilling experience none-the-less.

On another note, Chelsea is still working hard on getting the initial patterns on our website at Knit and Crochet Hat Patterns. While she is completing things, she is having a contest for the name of the very versatile hat pattern (see the past few posts) she has been blogging about. Please post your idea for our hat name in a comment!

Chelsea's mom

a.k.a. crochet partner in crime

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haha~nice blog, keep the good work for it

The coat looks great, and Chelsea sure is a cutie! What lovely pix! Thanks for posting, and best of luck with your new website.


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