February 19, 2008

How to Crochet a Hat Part 5

This hat is similar to the first hats in some ways. It is crocheted in a varigated Red Heart Yarn. I love this yarn because the colors in the yarn have very short lengths and it crochets out more like some of the self striping knitted items. The varigation in the very first pink/red hat had the same varigated pattern as this blue yarn.

The hat is again trimmed in a different color, but the color blends so well with the varigated yarn that it doesn't stand out or draw attention at all.

The top of the hat is finished in looong chain loops. There is nothing frilly about this hat and it is perfect for a man or a little boy. The chain loops match the bottom edge trim. This hat was made a little longer so the top doesn't fit down tight on the head. This can be intentional for two reasons: first to allow for growth, and secondly for a less fitted look. By now you are beginning to see that you can create a multitude of different hat styles with the same hat pattern. Supposing you come up with a good name for this pattern (Oh.....like.....10 in 1 hats or something very clever). If your name suggestion is selected you will receive a FREE copy of this pattern when it is released in March. Remember to check out our new website where we feature our own unique patterns and Free Easy Crochet Patterns.

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