February 15, 2008

How to Crochet a Hat Part 2

Part 2 in "How to Crochet Hat" features a couple nice details. First, the lower edge has a lavender ribbon crocheted on as a trim. This color compliments the hat and the different texture of the ribbon allows the trim to stand out more than if it was yarn. Usually I just use a coordinating accent yarn, but you can use ribbon or even a specialty yarn to edge the hat. You can leave the hat without an edging, but I generally like the look better with one, so if I don’t want a contrast trim, just edge in the same main color as the hat.

The top of the hat has curly Qs and also small chain loops to give the curly Qs more dimension. The curly Qs and the small chain loops were attached to the hat before the top was closed, making them easier to apply evenly. Originally we had ribbons attached to the top as well. There were little jingle bells attached to the end of the ribons. The kids loved these jingle bells. Unfortunately they had a tendancy to fall off. This is not a good thing for young children. So we removed the ribbons from the top of the hat.

This style hat has drawn more attention and comments than any other hat my kids ever wore. I enjoy making these hats because I can start and finish this project in one evening and I really feel a sense of accomplishment. I gave several away this year for Christmas. Last year my Grandmother gave a hat to every child in her church. They LOVED them!

We'll be back again with part 3 in the saga "How to Crochet a Hat." There is sure to be a hat design somewhere here for you!

Don't forget to look at our new website at Knit and Crochet Hat Patterns!

Happy Crocheting!

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