February 21, 2008

Easy Crochet Hat Patterns

Today's hat is as basic as it gets -- the easiest of easy crochet hat patterns!! This 100% wool hat is put together without any fancy trim at the top and only has one contrast trim edge on the lower egde. This is a classic (although a bit longer to allow for the turned up edge) beanie style hat. I like the longer length on the hat because the turned up lower edge makes for a double covering over the ears area. This makes the hat snug and warm for this Arctic cold weather we have been having.

This hat is essentially the same basic hat as all the others. All it takes is a change of yarn, color, and details to edges to change this hat and make the pattern versatile enough so that you have a great hat for every member of the family.

Tomorrow we will show another hat we have made up. It is closer in line to the style of this hat, again with a few minor changes.

Do we have anyone adventurous enough to submit an idea for the name of this hat? You will receive a FREE pattern when it goes on-line!

Be sure to check out our website where we feature easy crochet hat patterns at Knit and Crochet Hat Patterns.

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Since this single hat pattern can be made into so many different hats, why not call it the "Universal Hat Pattern"?

Glacier Sun.

HappyHooking on Ravelry.

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