February 23, 2008

Easy Crochet Hat

Here is another hat that is similar to the last hat. This hat's length was shortened to just cover the ears. The plain, easy crochet hat can be worn under a jacket hood. I do not care for jacket hoods alone as ears can still get a drafty breeze on them.

100% washable wool was used in this hat. I like to use washable wool for children's projects because they tend to need extra laundering. Washable wool can be thrown in the washer and the dryer without the fear of felting.
The trim around the edge was done in the same manner as the other hats (single crochet edge) however an extra row was added to give a scallop edge. This edge gives this hat a slight feminine touch.

We have a couple more hats to share that are done up in 100% wool. One of the hats actually features wool that we handspun ourselves! So be sure to sign up for our email mailing list so you will be able to see it!

Also, we are having a contest to name our easy crochet hat pattern. So far we have only had one suggestion. Please post a comment and give us your suggestion for the very versatile hat pattern. If we select your name idea you will receive a FREE copy of this hat pattern when it is released in two weeks!

We are trying to get our best crochet website noticed at the Crochet and Hook List. Please take a moment to click on the link at the top of our blog and vote for us!
Also be sure to check out our website at Knit and Crochet Hat Patterns.

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Anna's Cap.

HappyHooking on Ravelry

Pathways Hats

Choose-Your-Own-Adventure hats

Avenue/s Hats

I'm playing on the "recipe-ness" of the patterns, which seemed like fun,
but I'm out of ideas now. :)

~Jessica (TopazGirl on Ravelry)


I'd love to call it Rosebud because the picture is so cute, but that doesn't emphasize the options.

This comment has been removed by the author.

Wool Scallop Beanie

crochetville: KarenC.
Ravelry: Fiberqueen

Sassy Scallop Cap

CrisKad on Crochetville and Ravelry

(its a great hat and cute model!)

Houdini Hat

RusticOkie on Crochetville

(I love the different ways to make it, great hat)

kaleidoscope cutie
jura2908- crochetville

The Magical Transforming Beanie

I really think this is such an awesome hat!!

megamomls on Crochetville

Under-the-Hood Hat

(Gorgeous girl by the way!)

hoodlumknit (ravelry)

i LOVE how you "posed" all the hats! They are so dumb cute! I want one for my next bundle...whenever that is!

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