February 12, 2008

Cardi Wrap, days 2-4

Hey everyone!

I've got a 3 day update for my cardi wrap! Unfortunately, I've been unable to find the camera cord since this afternoon, so I can't get my pictures uploaded to my computer =(
I've been greatly on track up to today, and I just could NOT find anytime for it. I'll have to play catch-up another day, or it'll just be done one day later, which isn't a horrible thing!
It's looking great though, and the back pannel is just about finished. I'm hoping to have enough time to finish it tonight.
Tommorow I have my first "future fashion designers" art class, yay! I'm really excited to start it, I hope I'm able to learn a lot. What would be great is if I could impliment some of it for my crocheting!

Happy Crocheting!!

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