February 10, 2008

Cardi Wrap, Day 1

Hey fellow blog readers!

I hope everyone here in the midwest is staying warm today...BRRRR!
Here is yesterday's progress on the cardi wrap! I was able to finish 7 inches of the back of it. I did really well, too! I only had to frog(the crochet and knit term for ripping out) once, and it was only back one row!
I've been calculating about how long it will take me to finish, and here are the results:
If I crochet 5 inches/day, I will have it done in about 3 weeks. That seems a little too long for me right now. Then, if I crochet 10 inches/day, it'll be done in 9 days. Wow, that is a little extreme for me to be going that rate, I am an active teenager, you know! So, now I calculate 7 inches, which is what I finished yesterday, and we get more around 13 days, which sounds absolutley reasonable! So, I am now accountable to you to be done on February 23 or 24.
Have you checked out my new website yet? We're not completly finished yet, but we've got a great start! Take a peek at knit and crochet hat patterns
I'll be back tomorrow, with 14 inches of a back done!
Happy Crocheting!

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