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October 01, 2014

Let's Catch Up!

Hey Everyone!

Well that was a nice long maternity leave! ;)

To give a brief synopsis of what has happened in the 16 months I haven't blogged:

We welcomed Willow Ozora Wales into the world on June 13th, 2013, a full month and a day before her expected due date. That day, I had been diagnosed with severe pre-eclampsia that day and was called into triage to have an "emergency" (not truly an emergency in so much as being put under for the procedure) cesarean section.

Willow was 7lbs 13oz (hugest pre-term baby ever!!) and 19-3/4" long.

She is our big, smiling, 15 month old now! She is very bald...hopefully for not much longer!

It is so hard to believe that she was born over a year ago already!

My latest crochet baby was also born last fall! I made Willow a hat last October that had a beautiful crystal button on it, and made some very cool interchangeable flowers to attach to it. I put a picture on facebook and had 7 people ordering similar hats! I was flabbergasted!

I announced to my mom that I thought I wanted to work hard and do one craft show in December. She though that doing a craft show would be a great idea, but that I pursue several shows to try and help off-set the cost of putting together a display and making hats. So, I jumped off the deep end and booked a show the very next weekend! We had a very limited selection, but we got a ton of custom orders! I think we looked pretty fantastic for our first show!

We made more and more hats, and our displays gradually got larger...

Willow and I even sported matching hats at the shows!

If I am not mistaken, we sold hats at 6 shows last fall. It was so exhilarating! My mom and I really loved producing the hats :)

This year we got all ready to start doing shows in the end of August. This was my first show at the farmers market in Janesville

It rained cats and dogs, but I still sold 4 hats!

The next weekend I couldn't believe it when I sold 10 hats. That was as great as I did at the majority of my shows last fall!

The next weekend was the weekend that may have changed my outlook on my hat business forever. I like to call it the crazy, amazing, outstanding hat day.

We attended the Oconomowoc Fall Festival. It was the first cold day of the year, and the sun was playing hooky with us. The minute we started hanging up hats in our display, the minute they started selling. And Selling. And Selling. And Selling. And MORE AND MORE AND MORE. I am not kidding you, I only got to go to the bathroom twice in 8 hours. WE WERE MOBBED. YES I AM YELLING!!! I sold every last hat that we had made this year. And almost every hat left from our stock from last year. We sold 100 hats! In ONE day!

This was a very unusually calm moment. I guarantee there were 10 people waiting for this picture to be taken so they could storm my table ;)

This was 2 weeks ago. I have been in hat recovery ever since. Our house has kind of looked like this...

Google is pretty cool. They made my booth look like art! ;)

I have been working really hard on getting my etsy shop up and running the last few weeks! If you would like to purchase a hat from me and you can't make it to one of my shows, I would really love to make you something special!

How is that for an update! I will be updating again soon!


May 02, 2013

Motif-a-Day: Charm and Flourish

Hey Everyone!

All of this beautiful Wisconsin weather had to end sometime...and it chose today. Yesterday it was in the higher 80's and I was sweating, and today I was running for my sweatshirt! It sounds like it will be beautiful again next week though, and boy, do I look forward to that!

Aslan and I enjoyed the rainy views from the couch together. He is such a good crocheting buddy :)

I took another picture of the future baby room today:

It's coming...slowly. I haven't had time to touch it the last few days, but I think I finally have my stash weeded through for the most part. I think I'll be doing a second sweep next week because it all has to fit in my closet! I need to get the storage totes in the back of the room organized one last time before they get brought up to Dustin's and my shared office space. Sitting on top is a whole pile of crocheted things I found that I'd like to blog about coming up!

Unfortunately I don't think I have a before picture of this shelving unit. This shelf used to house 90% of my crochet books and magazines. I have probably weeded out at least 5 boxes of materials that I don't really need or have any emotional attachment to. I kept quite a few patterns from my grandma that I knew she had made for me or books I knew I had started things out of that I still would like to finish...like the baby afghan I started YEARS ago that I haven't touched and may not be able to find yarn for anymore. Yeah...those projects.

Did I mention I need to do a second round purge? :)

I do know that I posted a picture of this shelving unit last fall. I haven't finished my first round of purging with this shelf yet because I have to get to the things around it first :) But...here is the before...

At this rate the baby will actually have a nursery by the time she's born! Hurray!

For your viewing pleasure today I have both motifs from days 23 and 24!

I really like the Flourish motif because it is very different from any other motif I created during Motif-a-Day! It is a cross between a triangle and a hexagon. There are two different kinds of points and therefore two different kinds of joins. The pattern actually has a chart that I made to go with it specifically for people like me who get confused very easily by written patterns!

You can see both joins in the above and below picture.

I think it would be fun to make this motif into something bigger and have different colored motifs - I think it would be very interesting with the different joins!

The charm motif is a kind of a hat tip to the obsession I've been experiencing with V stitches this week. This pattern includes them subtly. They would be much more prominent if you blocked this motif well!

I think that this motif would make a really lovely shawl. It is so delicate looking.

Don't forget! Now through Sunday May 5th you can get the Motif-a-Day e-book for just $9.95 AND get a free pattern from my Ravelry store valued at $5.50! Add the Motif-a-Day ebook to your cart and choose your pattern, then use the coupon code "spring" at checkout! add to cart 

Happy Crocheting!

May 01, 2013

Motif-a-Day: Stalled for the Day

Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to quick pop by and say I didn't forget about you today! I really love the motif for Day 23, and the pattern is a little more on the difficult side. I wanted to be able to produce a chart to go with the pattern, and while it is almost finished I didn't get a chance to start working on the written pattern!

I will be sure to get it up right away in the morning when I have a fresh brain!

And, I'll blog about my baby room!

Happy Crocheting!


April 30, 2013

Motif-a-Day: Day 22 ~ Entwined

Hey Everyone!

Day 22...just 3 days to go! And it's April 30th - wow! Tomorrow is May day, and I'll officially be 6-1/2 months pregnant! These last few months have really flown by, I must say.

Today was almost too warm in Wisconsin, hard as that may be to believe! We almost hit 90 degrees and it was pretty humid too. But, I'd so much rather have this warm stuff than the 40 degree nastiness we've had up until now.

Today I made a lot of progress on baby Willow's room and the purging process. I am planning to post about it this week!

And now...the Entwined Motif!

I enjoyed creating this motif this evening after I spent the day working on organizational projects. I wasn't exactly sure where I was going to go with it, but I knew I wanted to have a lattice type of join. I love the crossing effect that it has in the middle.

I must say that I've really enjoyed working with the Caron Spa yarn, and I am so disappointed that it has been discontinued. I hopped on it's band wagon too late :( It is so drapey and light weight, it is so fantastic for summer wear!

Alright, so are you ready for your teaser for May's Challenge?

Clue #2 - Thinner and more lightweight yarns are frequently used for this category of design.

Good luck guessing! If you have a guess as to what the challenge may be, leave a comment! If you get it right you will win the e-book from the upcoming challenge!

Happy Crocheting!

April 29, 2013

Motif-a-Day: 21 ~ Prairie

Hey Everyone!

This weekend just happened to be the most beautiful weekend of the year so far! We had highs in the 60's and 70's both Saturday, Sunday and today, too! Tomorrow we are supposed to hit 80 - the first time for 2013!

Sunday Dustin and I took my family and his mom to see the Beloit Snappers play (the snappers are the A affiliate of the Oakland Athletics Baseball team). It was a fun game to watch, even though we lost to West Michigan. It's so cool to think that we could possibly have been watching future major leaguers!

Saturday I spent the day working on a major purge of what will become Baby Willow's nursery! I have already taken more than 12 boxes out to the garage to sell at my garage sale coming up in May. If you live nearby, there will be A TON of sewing and crochet related items. You won't want to miss it! I still have to work on purging my yarn stash. Anything I know I won't use is getting sold at the garage sale...hard as it is to part with it.

I can honestly say it's a good thing I must be starting my nesting phase because I don't think I would be able to purge this well any other time! I know I'll have to do a second and third sweep through to get rid of even more stuff - but so far so good. I would definitely say we've made a huge improvement since last October:

Bleh bleh bleh! That desk in the left corner has been moved up to Dustin's office which we are now sharing. I have to get the 2 short plastic drawers up there yet too - but there is no way I'm carrying them myself!

I can't wait to just be done with the process so I can start getting the baby room all prettied up. It is pretty hard for me to believe that there is going to be a little baby around here in anywhere from 8 to 13 weeks!

Now, before I get into motifs, I wanted to let you all know that I am running a special sale for the last week of the Motif-a-Day Challenge! If you purchase the Motif-a-Day e-book, you can choose any pattern from my Ravelry store that is valued at $5.50 for FREE! Just use the coupon code "spring." Who doesn't love a free pattern? :)

Alrighty, so I believe that I failed to share pictures of the Serpentine motif from day 20 - my bad! Here they are today:

I love that motif personally :) 
And today's motif, is another that I really like! I've had a lot of fun discovering the interesting things that square motifs can do. I am really looking forward to designing with a lot of the Motif-a-Day motifs!

I love thick and lacy look of this motif. It has a lot of substance to it while being nice and lacy. I experimented with the joining style on this motif, and I think if I were to do it again I would add an extra join in the corners of the motifs so they aren't as free hanging, but I do like it the way it is as well.
It's also hard to believe that it is the last week of Motif-a-Day already! I have been busy planning what I am going to do next month...I have some ideas, but I may play the tease card and draw it out all week by giving hints!
I am hoping that I can do another fun challenge next month and in June so that you all have lots of patterns to keep you busy while I go on my self-declared Maternity Leave :)
Clue #1 for May's challenge - It has something to do with motifs. Is that suspenseful enough for ya? 

Happy Crocheting!

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